Course Material

Course Material 2018

Continuum Mechanics (Martin Truffer)

Inverse Methods (Martin Truffer)

Ice flow and thermodynamics (Andy Aschwanden)

Tidewater glaciers (Martin Truffer)

Surging glaciers (Regine Hock)

Ice Sheet Modeling (Ed Bueler)

Mass Balance (Regine Hock)

Glacier Meteorology and Energy Balance (Regine Hock)

Glacier Hydrology (Matt Hoffmann)

Glacier geomorphology (Mike Loso)

Remote Sensing (Kelly Brunt)

Remote Sensing (Mark Fahnestock)

Structure from Motion (Erin Whorton)

Ice Sheets and Climate (Matt Hoffmann)

GRACE (Yara Mohajerani)

Public Lecture (Andy Aschwanden)