Course Material

Course Material 2012

Course material from the International School in Glaciology (McCarthy, Alaska, 2012) is posted here. More files will be posted as they are submitted.

Continuum Mechanics (Martin Truffer)

Inverse Methods (Martin Truffer)

Ice flow and thermodynamics of Glaciers and Ice Sheets (Andy Aschwanden)

Tidewater glaciers (Ted Pfeffer)

Surging glaciers (Ted Pfeffer)

Ice Sheet Modeling (Ed Bueler)

Mass Balance (Regine Hock)

Glacier Meteorology and Energy Balance (Regine Hock)

Geography of Glaciers (Roger Braithwaite)

Glacier Hydrology and Floods (Bob Anderson)

Glacier geology / erosion (Bob Anderson)

Remote Sensing (radar, ice flow) (Mark Fahnestock)

Remote Sensing / Global mass balance (Alex Gardner)

Public Talk in Kennicott (Roger Braithwaite)

Public Talk in McCarthy (Bob Anderson)