Course Material

Course Material 2010

All course material from the International School in Glaciology (McCarthy, AK, 2010) is posted here.

Continuum Mechanics (Martin Truffer)

Mass Balance (Regine Hock)

Image Remote Sensing (Matthias Braun)

Glacier Hydrology (Bob Anderson)

Ice Sheet Modeling (Ed Bueler)

Remote Sensing and Ice Sheet Mass Balance (Ben Smith)

Glacier Meteorology and Energy Balance (Regine Hock)

Ice Rheology/Ice Cores (Erin Pettit)

Thermodynamics of Glaciers and Ice Sheets (Andy Aschwanden)

Public Talk in Kennicott (Bob Anderson)

Remote Sensing: Laser Altimetry (Anthony Arendt)

Subglacial Lakes in Antarctica (Ben Smith)

Glacial geomorphology/geology (Bob Anderson)

Remote Sensing: GRACE (Anthony Arendt)

Tidewater Glaciers (Tad Pfeffer and Martin Truffer)

Geophysical Methods (Erin Pettit)

Inverse Methods (Martin Truffer)